This is the german mirror of Structpack

StructPack was conceived for solving a variety of numerical Linear Algebra problems, such as solving systems of linear equations, least squares problems, eigenvector calculation and singular value decomposition, on different types of matrices such as Toeplitz, Hankel, Vandermonde, or circulant matrices, ... and specific cases as tridiagonal Toeplitz matrices, positive definitive symmetric matrices, etc.

High Performance Computing Library for structured Matrices


StructPack is a collection of numerical routines written in Fortran90/95 for efficiently solving numerical Linear Algebra problems on structured matrices. It is designed for Linux enviroments, and optimized for use on sequential CPU type and multicore architectures; OpenMP API has been used in its development. It also provides executable programs for solving problems directly from the command line and .mex files for using the routines in Matlab and GNU Octave.

New Releases

27th Mar 2013 · StructPack v1.2 released
Source code. New features, bug fixes.

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StructPack can also be downloaded from Official-Mirror Website at University of Oviedo - Spain.